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Little talk is made of “survivalism these days. The topic itself seldom enters our minds - until we are faced with a survival situation. In these trying times, survivalism should be at the forefront of priorities.

Urban Survival: When we refer to “urban survival,” it’s not about strutting around in the streets, getting caught up in gang/turf/drug wars. Urban survival is very similar to wilderness survival, in that the needs are the same, but the means by which to fulfill them vary greatly. What would you do if the power grid went down? Or if something was in the water? What would you do if all the grocery stores had been ransacked, bought out or looted? These are all very relevant, very conceivable scenarios we should all think about to remind us of how dependent we really are.

Of course, urban survival doesn’t just refer to the “worst case scenario” painted above. Urban survival also refers to stainability in a city, or urban environment. Again, the more and more we embrace our independence through self-sustainability, the less reliant, desperate and needy we are.

On this site, we will be providing downloadable content, dealing with survival, permaculture, self sufficiency, etc. Content like this will assist in helping those who want to learn to take charge of some things for themselves, and will be a resource/tool with which we can learn and exchange information.

How to make a pop-up camper:

Pop Up Camper

FEMA, Underground Shelter:

FEMA Underground Shelter

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