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Jon "Juanito" Burns, Jr

Carnalismo has been notified that a vote made by the BBNO (Brown Beret National Organization), at their National Conference, Nov. 19-20th, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. has called for the expulsion of Jon Burns, (AKA "Juanito" Burns, A.K.A "El Jefe dle Estado Mayor," A.K.A "Pelon," A.K.A "El Bigoton, A.K.A "El Gitano"). The vote also called for the dignified retirement of Jeronimo Blanco, former Commandante of the BBNO.

We aren't going to detail nor divulge the terms of the vote, or the National Conference that took place. The BBNO are a separate organization, under separate governance,just as Carnalismo are.

We, the Carnalismo Brown Berets are in full support of this vote solidifying the immediate expulsion of Jon Burns. Where we give the vote validity is simply that we fully understand and are sympathetic to the REASONS Jon Burns was looked at unfavorably in the organization, and we support that he has been exited.

Burns has disregarded the vote for his expulsion, the vote carried by an historical Brown Beret organization, with full recognition and credibility. Jon Burns has gone on to form a a permutation of ANY honorable Brown Beret group, which he calls "La Hermandad de Aztlan."

The Brown Beret National Organization cited numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, boisterous, racist behavior, innapropriate contact with other members and tyrannical aspirations - rife with ordering assualt and violence on others - both in and out of the BBNO, orchestrated by Jon "Juanito" Burns Jr.

Jon Burns Previous Malfeasances

Since Jon Burns was initially/formerly a "Carnalismo Brown Beret," before launching his own group, and then later switching beret patches to join the BBNO, and is now again switching beret patches to resurrect his formerly retired group, we can with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY attest to his misconduct, and the divisions he has created in the Brown Berets Movimiento as a whole - as well as much confusion.

Jon Burns Law Enforcement Credentials

We ask that others continuing to organize with Jon Burns, use their best judgement, and ask themselves why this man has switched patches so many times - or why it seems he leaves a trail of sexual harassment allegations from every organization he disrupts and then leaves. Ask yourselves why he was so quick to dissolve his own group, to sit at a "National Seat," and later, after being righteously kicked out, why he would resurrect his old, "State Level" group?

Was Jon Burns' old group, whom he'd formed after causing problems in Carnalismo not good enough for him when he was eye-balling "National Status?" SOME ADVICE: One should never get behind swearing one's allegiance/loyalty to an individual, we do this because we swear our allegiance toward the betterment of our Chicano people - NOT to aspiring "barrio jefe's."

Carnalismo DOES support the vote put forth by the BBNO, and commend all of those who had the bravery and courage to make some difficult decisions for the sake of higher purposes. Carnalismo does NOT recognize Jon Burns as a Brown Beret, will not work with him, nor will we recognize those organizing under him, allowing the wiggle-room for him to to further damage. We will be publishing more information and developments continually, while also sitting back and waiting for the threats to flood in.

Rick G.
Prime Minister
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