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Membership Application Below

On Recruitment

For security reasons, and a more enduring membership, we aim to curb imprudent enlistments. In previous experience it has been witnessed that imprudent officiations often lead to questionable people, or people with no commitment whatsoever, wanting to join simply so they can carry the title of “brown beret” around for status. Unstable individuals and security risks are rampant when one doesn’t take the time to seek the conviction in a recruit's heart.

It is because of this that our recruitment, while consistent and rock-solid may not seem as expedient as it could. We seek to find top-notch, thinking individuals with a good head on their shoulders, and a real resolve in their dedication. One quality person is preferred over a dozen loafers.

We also owe the applicant the RESPECT and HONOR of ensuring scrutiny, looking one another in the eyes, and making their entrance more tangible. Becoming a Brown Beret is an honorable, monumental event, so why would anyone not give it the distinction deserved?

It is not our drive to ratchet up our numbers, in some avaricious drive for domination. That would be senseless, and careless, and would leave us always grasping for leadership and TRUE diligence from our membership.

We also remain committed to the principle that we ask no one to join, individuals ask us. We shouldn’t have to entice, or persuade an individual to become a Brown Beret - that would only prove that we’re trying to pump our numbers up, and that the individual will lack the level of gratitude and commitment in the future.

That being said, please feel free to contact us, or fill the form out below, and we will gladly respond to your inquiries. We thank you for your interest.


If you have difficulty with the online form, feel free to download, print, and fill out our membership application:

Rick G.
Prime Minister, Carnalsimo
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General Membership:

General membership in is open to all those in good standing between the ages of 18-75. There is no discrimination due to sex, national origin, income level, vocation, religious beliefs, or physical limitations. Membership is free, and voluntary.

All Prospective members will be asked to furnish some general information (for emergency contact) and some information detailing prior experience and/or other skills they may wish to utilize. All such information will be kept private under ALL circumstances, and destroyed in the event of unrest; and will be used for no other purpose than the internal business and operations of the organization.

All members will be required to pass a probationary period after which they are again required to subscribe and affirm their understanding and allegiances.


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