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We are the Carnalismo Brown Berets. Our mission is to serve our community and our people. To serve as the voice for our people. To be an example to a generation that is short of positive role models. We are not here for personal gain nor riches. We are here to help those that are oppressed and need a voice. Those who do not know how to stand up for themselves. We do not discriminate as we have been discriminated against, we will stand tall and fight until we and the generations after us need not to fight anymore. We are your Carnalismo Brown Berets and we are here to serve you. Our raza, our community, our family, our city.

The Carnalismo Brown Beret Patch has been here for WELL OVER 40 years and it is here to STAY.

We have to stand for what is right. The Carnalismo Brown Berets have decided to take a stand. Through the guidance of some original members we have gathered others that have similar views and passions. Thus, we have formed together in order to start the organization anew.

The goals are the same: We will stand for rights and equality and we will be the voice of our people, for all generations. We will rebuild our wounded youth and instill in them self worth and pride. We will work in our communities to help those in need and we will not abandon the struggle.

The Carnalismo Brown Berets of today are looking to make a difference in all aspects of life. Even today, after all that has been accomplished as far as civil rights is concerned the struggle is not over. We have already partnered with the Black Panthers, LULAC, the UFW, and other organizations in a combined effort with and to support la gente de nuestro barrio. We look forward to working with the Black Panthers and other organizations towards one common goal: EQUALITY in every facet of the word.


We have done work with other organizations on issues that include:

-Shutting Down the Don. T Hutto Facility which is a Prison for Profit where children and women were violated of their Civil and Human Rights, and where the UN was denied entrance to see the conditions of the people in the facility.

-Supporters of San Antonio Community Radio Inc.

-Bill Miller Equal Wages Protests

-Project to Change Commerce Street to Cesar E. Chavez Ave. (San Antonio, TX)

-Protesting Against The War Documentary and PBS

Empowering Youth to continue Higher Education

-Protest San Antonio Police Brutality - as members of the Civil Rights and Human Rights Coalition

-Protest of Albuquerque, NM Police Brutality, shootings, etc.

-Active participants of the "Occupy Movement," engaging in their protests, and panel discussions.

-Helped address the "achievement gap" among our youth in public schools, through involvement with the Latino/Hispano Education Task Force in New Mexico.

-Provided Security Detail and reinforcement for former LULAC NM Attorney in his heated run for Court of Appeals Judge in New Mexico - in which he, and members of his campaign experienced varying levels of harassment and hostility.

-Worked multilaterally with organizations to help introduce legislation that helps the Chicano people, minorities, Immigrants and the working class and poor in New Mexico.

-Called out racist legislators and hostile community members harassing a chicano family in Longmont, Colorado

-Continually provide Security Detail (paid and unpaid) for families, friends, and gente who are in need of protection

Browse our Web site for more information about the Carnalismo Brown Berets, please e-mail us at brownberetsnm@yahoo(dot)com, or any of the email addresses you see on this website


We hope to make a ton of resources available to BOTH the user, and the enlisted member - we look forward to the times on the horizon....

Rick G.
Prime Minister/National Minister of Communications & Intelligence,
Brown Berets, Carnalismo NM ©


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